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Assessment Services

Assessment And Selection: Area Of Work

Assessment and selection involves the screening and hiring of job candidates.
Assessment is big business in its own right. Many large companies now allocate assessment and selection its own specialist function within the HR team. If you work in the area, you can help design – typically with the input of line managers and the help of psycho metrics experts – the right type of assessments for your company, and for specific job requirements. The assessment process is also an important part of your company brand, so if your methods are overly severe, then rejected (or even accepted) candidates are going to believe that is what the wider company culture is like.
While the actual assessment Centre or job interviews may only take a few days, the planning and administration process, from placing the advert through to screening CVs and online applications, and eventually assessing the candidates’ performance, is a long and tiring process. Here in HR Bangladesh Ltd we make the assessment and selection process easier for you by providing the experienced support to fulfill your HR recruitment.

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