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Onshore Staffing Supply

HR Bangladesh Ltd. Staffing has over 5 years of experience in providing contract labor for the industry. With our wide range of man power, we are able to fill positions for basic laborers in all fields. With HR Bangladesh Staffing’s invaluable experience in the Oil and Gas Industry we can save you the two most important aspects of your business, time and money!

select HCS to meet their needs for qualified employees. We supply not only screened and qualified applicants,

but also flexibility to meet your business needs.

Labor Services Provided

Client Services & Benefits

In today’s oil and gas industry there are many benefits of using contract employees.

Using HCS makes business sense, we save you time and money by recruiting and screening candidates for you. Our experienced recruiters and resources also locate qualified candidates in a timely manner so you can move ahead with business. Our services include the following:

Orientation – familiarize contract employees with your environment, procedures & policies

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