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Work Permit Arrangement

Work Permit & Visa Bangladesh

A work permit for foreign nationals is a precondition for employment in Bangladesh. Foreign Private sector, industrial enterprises desiring to employ foreign nationals are required to apply in advance for their work permit. HR Bangladesh can process visa or work permit for foreign nationals those who want to visit Bangladesh for business or foreign nationals who want to work for organisations in Bangladesh.  It is essential that the employer obtain a work permit In order to employ a foreign national in Bangladesh. Enforced state of affairs of Bangladesh Government need to be fulfilled by the employer before applying for a work permit for their employees in Bangladesh.

A work permit for foreign nationals is a prerequisite for employment in Bangladesh. Private sector industrial enterprises desiring to employ foreign nationals are required to apply in advance to BOI in the prescribed from. For expatriate employment the guidelines are as follows:

Nationals of countries recognized by Bangladesh are considered for employment.

Employment of expatriate personnel will be considered only in industrial/commercial establishments which are sanctioned/registered by the appropriate authority.

  1. Employment of foreign nationals is normally considered for the job for which local experts/technicians are not available.
  2. Persons below 18 years of age are not eligible for employment.
  3. A decision of the board of directors of the concerned company for new employment/employment extension is to be furnished in each case.
  4. The number of foreign employees should not exceed 5% in the industrial sector and 20% in commercial sector of the total employees, including top management personnel.
  5. Initially employment of any foreign national is considered for a term of two years, which may be extended on the basis of merit of the case.
  6. Ministry of Home Affairs will issue necessary security clearance certificate.

The following papers/documents are required for Extension of Work Permit in favour of the expatriate(s) employment in branch/liaison/representative office and other private and public establishment.

1. Application in prescribed form along with passport size photograph of the expatriate.

2. Resolution of director’s of the company/partners of the firm regarding extension of employment of foreign national(s).

3. Photocopy of passport with ‘E’ type visa for employee and ‘PI’ type visa for investor.

4. Copy of extension of service contract/agreement and appointment letter.

5. Income tax clearance certificate from the concerned tax circle for the previous working period.

6. Bangladesh Bank’s permission under section 18(A), in case of branch/liaison/representative office.

7. Statement of existing manpower showing list of local and expatriate personnel with salary break-up, designation, nationality and date of first appointment.

8. Encashment certificate of inward remittance in favour of branch/ liaison/representative office for the last 2 years.

9. Up-to-date Income tax clearance certificate for branch/liaison/representative office/locally incorporated companies. N.B. (a) Documents shall have to be attested by the Managing Director/Partner/Proprietor/ Chief Executive of the company/firm. (b) For issuing permission letter the company shall have to deposit the fee amounting Tk. 5,000/- per year per person in any branch of Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank through Treasury Chalan (Code No. 1-3901-0001- 1876).

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