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Payroll Agency

HR Bangladesh Ltd is one of the top Payroll Agency in Bangladesh. We understand that payroll processing requires specific knowledge and that it can be tedious. This is why our services help organizations of all sizes prepare, calculate and process their employee pay cheques.
Our payroll service in Bangladesh provide solution adapts to fit your specific needs and scales with your business. Accuracy, timeliness and courtesy make up our foundation.

Don’t compromise with rigid systems that force you into a patchwork of temporary fixes and workarounds.
Full-service capabilities of your payroll support need in Bangladesh. we always provide Accurate gross-to-net salary calculations for each period
and payment of government remittances where applicable.

Our platform handles any size payroll with ease and our complete range of business solutions help with every aspect of managing your business and employees on a daily basis. Regardless your payroll needs are simple or complex, our dedicated support team will consult with you to build customized products and services.

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